Vicar's Green Primary School

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Specialist Clubs

At Vicar’s Green we provide a range of specialist clubs, throughout the year, in order to enrich and enhance our school curriculum. While some of these clubs are run my members of our staff, others are run by specialist coaches who have experience of working with children.


In order to achieve consistency and continuity ,all clubs are run on the same day at the same time each term. Letters are sent home well in advance for parents to sign up their children. While most clubs are free for all children, a few clubs that are run by specialist coaches may involve a small fee.


Maths and Reading Boosters are during the Spring Term for children who would benefit from a little bit of additional support in these areas. These clubs are all run by qualified and highly experienced teachers.


Homework club happens throughout the year, and is aimed for children who might require some adult guidance to complete their homework. Occasionally, we invite children who might need to use the school facilities in order to complete their homework.


Mathletics clubs help to develop speed, accuracy and calculation skills. The focus of each session is decided by the Maths Leader. Often children spend the last 10mins competing against each other using the software.  


Sports Hall Athletics covers a range of indoor athletics skills and aims at improving children's fitness and agility. It encourages them to strive to achieve their personal best. Children attending this club often represent the school on various competitions.


During Multi Skills children participate in sessions which help develop balance, hand-eye coordination and stamina. This club is conducted by external qualified coaches.


The Dance Club covers a range of styles and helps to boost children's confidence by teaching them a variety of expressive dance moves. Dance routines are composed to introduce children to different styles of dance like Hip Hop & Street Dance.


The main aim of the Team Games club increases children's fitness and provides them with the opportunity to  participate in exciting games which help to develop their ability to work as a team. Children are also taught the rules and regulations of the sport being covered.


The Performing Arts club teach children a number of different skills such as public speaking, singing, acting, improvising miming and so on. This club generally culminates in the end of year production when all its participants are given an opportunity to perform in front of an audience.


Art workshops take place throughout the school year. The following topics are covered:

  • exploring artists from different cultures and time periods
  • experiment with a different media
  • discuss a piece of art with a group.



Our specialist music teacher is Ms R. Fortey who takes selected children from KS2 for singing lessons every Monday during lunch time. Our choir sings at St Barnabus church with many other local schools annually. The choir regularly perform selected songs for pupils, staff and governors.