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Reading for Enjoyment​​​​​​​

Enjoyment for Reading

At Vicar’s Green we believe that it is vitally important not only that children read, but that they also enjoy reading. In order to promote enjoyment for reading, we undertake the following initiatives:

The Library

The whole library has been rearranged in this first half term in order to make it more accessible to pupils. They should now easily be able to find the books they would like to read! New books are bought regularly in order to restock the library and offer pupils a wider range of texts.

Class Bookshelves

Class bookshelves contain a range of texts, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and in KS2, children’s magazines. The school regularly buys new books in order to re-stock our collection and in order to keep up with new books being published. Pupils are also asked for their opinion, and school councillors will come round at least once a year to ask pupils which books they would like us to supply.

Whole Class Read

Every teacher in the school regularly reads aloud to their class from a class book. Teachers will choose particular texts which have inspired them, or which relate to a class topic. These books will often be chosen from a recommended list.

Reading Ambassadors

Every class has their own reading ambassador – a pupil who absolutely loves reading! Their responsibilities range from keeping the library in order to helping the class teacher to select a reader of the term, whose name and picture will be displayed in the school newsletter.

Reading Displays

Every classroom has its own reading display, on which teachers display pupils’ recommendations to their peers, prompts to help children with their reading and inspirational reading quotes.

Motivating Pupils

In KS1, pupils receive a special sticker in their reading records for every ten books they read. In KS2, we are in the process of buying sets of ‘recommended reads’ which will go on special bookshelves outside each classroom. Pupils will be challenged to see if they can read them all within the year, and there will be different awards for reading 5 books, 10 books, etc.