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Online Safety Zone

Online Safety Rules for Early Years & Key Stage 1
 I only go online with a grown up.
 I am kind online.
 I keep information about me safe – my name, age, address, school.
 I tell a grown up of something online makes me unhappy.
Online Safety Rules for Key Stage 2
 I ask permission before using the Internet.
 I only use websites that a member of staff has approved.
 I tell an adult if we see anything we are uncomfortable with.
 I immediately turn off the screen or shut a laptop lid if I see any webpage I am not sure about and tell an adult.
 I only e-mail people an adult in school has approved.
 I send e-mails that are polite and friendly.
 I never give out personal information or passwords.
 I never arrange to meet anyone I don’t know.
 I do not open e-mails sent by anyone I don’t know.
 I do not use Internet chat rooms
 I act responsibly and cautiously when searching online.
 I will report any bullying or sharing of inappropriate material with a trusted adult.