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Mrs Feeraz Latif

Position in the Governing Body: Parent governor and Maths  

Why do you want to become a Governor at Vicar’s Green Primary School?

I would like to become a Governor for many different reasons. Primarily, I have two children who attend Vicars Green School and whilst I take deep interest in their education and development, I would like to develop my knowledge and experience as a parent and an educator. In addition, I hope to make valuable and worthwhile contributions to the education, mental health and wellbeing of young people as well as supporting the school’s wider community.

What do you think you as a Governors can bring to Vicar’s Green Primary School?

I hope to bring honesty and integrity to the School by being open and accountable in any decisions that I make. As a team player and good communicator, I will be able to provide support and guidance to fellow governors, The Head of the school, parents and representatives of the Local authority through my preparation and contribution towards meetings which would hopefully lead to great achievements for the school. I take pride in my work and always seek new opportunities for innovation by bringing fresh ideas to improve.

What are your interests in Education?

My interests in Education are the learning and development of the students and how it can be improved. I am very interested in the curriculum, the courses it offers and the contents of the lessons as I believe education should be interesting and taught in way to inspire the students. I take a strong interest in the Enrichment aspect of Education as I think that extra-curricular activities, school trips, prize giving ceremonies and concerts are paramount in providing enjoyment motivation to young people.

Please give a brief history of your career, life and background.

I have been a part time Assistant Immigration Officer for one of the busiest airports in the world for over 19 years, therefore, I have gained vast experience in dealing with the public, colleagues and stakeholders. I am an excellent team player and am currently a member of the Safeguarding & Modern Slavery team where I am heavily involved in dealing with sensitive and complex cases involving children and vulnerable adults. My work is fast paced so I am able to prioritise my workload and meet deadlines. I understand the need for change to set the vision and future direction of the organisation and have done so with the implementing safe systems at work for colleagues and passengers through the current Pandemic.

I am the mother of three children, two of them which currently attend Vicars Green School with one who is on the Autism Spectrum. Therefore, it is imperative for me as a parent to ensure that their learning and development does is not affected and I dedicate my time to providing extra support and attention to reading and other learning activities amongst entertaining them.

Although I belong to the Muslim faith and have taught my children the basis of our religion I am advocate of Equality and Diversity and recognise the need to understand different cultures and promote fairness and equal opportunities for all.

I am hardworking individual who is always looking for new challenges and would be honoured to be part of the Governors at Vicars Primary School.


Feeraz Latif

Date appointed

27 Sep 2021

Term of office

27 Sep 2021 to 26 Sep 2025

Appointed by

Parents (parent governor)

Attendance record 22-23 (Full governing body)

5 / 5

Attendance record (Committees)




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