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Mr Senai Xavier

Name: Senai Xavier

Position in the Governing Body: Parent governor and science 

Why did you decide to become a Governor at Vicar’s Green Primary School?

My older daughter has been a pupil at this school for two years, and my youngest daughter is about to start in reception in September. My oldest daughter is happy with her learning and activities at Vicar’s green. Her enthusiasm has raised my interest in how the school can further help her, and all its pupils to develop and bloom.

What do you think that Governors can bring to Vicar’s Green Primary School?

As a business analyst, I cast an analytical eye on volumes of information and requirements, daily. I build relationships across the business and provide guidance to the leadership team to help drive our strategy and objectives. I believe I can use part of these skills for the benefit of the pupils and leadership team at Vicar’s Green’s. 

What are your interests in Education (SEN, Business, Literacy...)

As a parent, I am naturally drawn to try and understand what learning my three daughters require. I am particularly interested in how their brains develop. Their success and well-being are vitally important to me. Of course, I have a lot to learn. Parents and teachers both share this responsibility for the benefit of each and every student at Vicar's Green.

Brief history of your career, life and background

I was born and raised in the French Caribbean by a mother who was a teacher for underprivileged kids and a my father in the military. I obtained my business qualifications in Paris and have since worked in a variety of financial and business analysis positions in both Paris and London.


Senai Xavier


Date appointed

18 May 2022

Term of office

18 May 2022 to 17 May 2026

Appointed by

Parents (parent governor)


Attendance record 22-23 (Full governing body)

5 / 5

Attendance record (Committees)




Link governor for ICT


Relevant Business/pecuniary interests


Material interests arising from relationships with other governors


Material interests from relations ships with school staff (e.g. spouses)