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Mrs Iman Basu Roy

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Governor Profile


Iman Basu Roy


Why did you decide to become a Governor at Vicar’s Green Primary School?

Having worked in Vicars Green School for the last seven years, I feel it is my responsibility to play a part in shaping the strategic direction of the school, so that the children continue to excel.


As a staff governor, I aim to assist the Headteacher and the governing body to create opportunities for the entire school community to build on their existing skills and benefit from their time here.


What do you think that Governors can bring to Vicar’s Green Primary School?

The Governing Body at Vicar’s Green is made up of a group of people who bring to the school their own valuable experiences.


They are at the heart of how a school operates and are responsible for the interests of the pupils, staff and the reputation of the school.


What are your interests in Education (SEN, Business, Literacy...)

I have been in education for the last 12 years and have been involved in different sectors of school life. The primary fields of my interest and expertise are:

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Special Education Needs and Disability


However, over the last six months I am developing a good understanding of safeguarding and child protection.


Brief history of your career, life and background

I am an energetic, enthusiastic individual who has lived and worked in few different countries. Prior to joining education I had worked in journalism, public relations and recruitment. I am also a mother of two and currently working here in Vicars Green School as the Assistant Headteacher.