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Boys Football


On 3rd November 2017, ten boys from Year 6 took part in a football competition at Goals Soccer Centre. The boys chosen were: Hadi, Adam, Thulahsan[HK1] , Mustafa, Sobhan, Zayan S, Kairo, Haitham, Radsan and Tej. From these players, two teams were formed, an A team and a B team each comprising of 5 players. We arrived at goals at 8:45 am, in time for a meeting with the manager, who gave us our instructions.

In the first match Vicar’s Green A played Vicar’s Green B; Team A won by four goals to one. By the end of the tournament, Team A had won 3 games, lost 2 and drawn 1: Team B had won 2, lost 2 and drawn 1.

While we waited with bated breath, the manager added up the scores, we were really hoping to make it through to the quarter finals. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to qualify. However, we played together as one team at the very end of the tournament. We played a 60 second game; a penalty shootout and a crossbar challenge.

At about 1:00pm we proudly left goals and got to school at 1:10pm.

By Hadi and Adam


Boys Football