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Ms Marian Cooke

Name: Marian Cooke

Position in the Governing Body: Co-opted governor, arts and PE 

Why did you decide to become a Governor at Vicar’s Green Primary School?

Having spent a lifetime in primary teaching and several very happy years in Vicar’s Green as a Year 6 teacher, I was particularly interested in gaining a different perspective of the running of the school. Using my own first-hand experience, I would relish the opportunity to play a part in maintaining and furthering the high standards and positive values for which the school is known.

What do you think that Governors can bring to Vicar’s Green Primary School?

I think the Governing body is uniquely placed to work in tandem with the Head, Management and Staff by bringing a friendly critical ‘third’ eye to the overall running of the school.  Their diverse experience is invaluable in providing support and encouragement while also ensuring accountability, so that all strategic decisions are made with the success, well-being and happiness of the children at their core. Their role is to uphold and further high expectations by involving themselves in the varying aspects of  school life.

What are your interests in Education (SEN, Business, Literacy...)

As a teacher my particular academic interests are  in English literature ( in which I have a Masters) and History but I am also passionate about the Arts( Art, Drama, Music and Dance )  as I feel that they are a vital aspect of educational enrichment without which we do not produce rounded individuals.  I am also interested in the psychological well-being of children as without good mental health, little progress can be made in any area.

Brief history of your career, life and background

I was a primary teacher all my life working mainly in Brent until I spent several years in Vicar’s Green leading up to retirement. I taught mainly in Year 6 but have experience in all age groups. I have a B.ED Hons in English and History and a Masters in English Literature.

Through my love of art I also spent several years as an Art Consultant for Brent running workshops for teachers in the borough. At one point I also did some training as a psychotherapist and spent a year doing art therapy with individual children in a school in Islington.

Since retirement I have continued to teach art both in Vicars Green and other schools on a part-time basis…..


Marian Cooke

Date appointed

23 Mar 2022

Term of office

23 Mar 2022 to 22 Mar 2026

Appointed by

Governing board (co-opted governor)

Attendance record 22-23 (Full governing body)

5 / 5


Attendance record (Committees)



Link governor for The Arts

and SEND

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