Vicar's Green Primary School

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Autumn 2017

Parents/Carer of children in Year 4

Y4 Homework Arrangements


We believe that homework helps to reinforce the children’s understanding, knowledge and skills and to strengthen independent learning.

The continuation of the Homework Diaries enables us to:

  • provide another channel of communication with the class teacher

  • give parents a clearer idea of homework tasks and completion/return dates

  • help your child to take greater responsibility for his/her learning and progress


    Homework Diary Arrangements

  • The homework diary must be brought to school each day
  • Please take time to check to see what tasks have been assigned every day
  • Please sign in the space provided for parents
    • to acknowledge that you know what your child needs to do
    • to confirm that the tasks have been completed
  • Use the space provided to write a comment about your child’s reading progress and to make any other comments related to your child’s homework.
  • Staff will be checking through diaries every week to assess whether you have acknowledged the homework that has been assigned and it has been completed.

The homework tasks are:

  • Reading book daily
  • Literacy work and Maths work
  • Maths mental work e.g. multiplication tables (occasional)
  • Occasional Science work
  • Additional work sent home for Foundation Subjects in the holiday
  • Spelling



  1. a general rule 20-30 minutes per evening is suggested as appropriate for Year 4 children although this could be spread over the week/weekend.
  • The homework diary, homework books/sheets should be kept safely and if possible carried to and fro in a book bag that may be purchased from the school office.

  • We are sending home another copy of the homework timetable for you to place on the fridge or somewhere convenient for you to keep a check on the homework schedule.

Yours sincerely


Mrs Gladman, Miss Wray and Mrs Martin

Y4 Class teachers


Y4 Homework Timetable



Day given out


Day to be Returned






Homework Diary



Monday after signing



Monday and Friday

Grammar work;

Long/short writing; Comprehension;

Speaking and listening

Issued on Monday returned on Wednesday.

Issued on Friday returned on Monday.


Wednesday and Friday

Number work;

Problem solving

Issued on Wednesday returned on Friday.


Issued on Friday returned on Monday.




Learnt by following week for test


Topic/ Science

Ad hoc, when required

Web based research;